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t h e r a p y

Therapy is a process that allows one to explore the self and one's interpersonal relationships. The client-therapist relationship is unique in that it allows one to explore issues and concerns in a safe environment. My approach is collaborative and promotes a sense of wholeness. We can explore the parts of self that need to be strengthened emotionally, mentally, physically and socially. My priority to to be present and flexible to your current needs and goals through the process. You may download FORMS to be completed prior to your first session.


Every person who comes to therapy has different issues and different goals, therefore therapy will be different for each person who participates.  You can expect to discuss current events in your life and to provide a personal history that is relevant to the issues you bring into sessions.

Therapy is most effective when you actively participate in the process. The purpose of therapy is to use the tools you develop in sessions and apply them to your life outside of therapeutic time. Suggestions may be made to provide learning and support outside of therapy in the office, which may include watching a film, reading a book or journaling thoughts or feelings.


See below for a list of specialties and areas of focus.


Behavioral Issues
Blended Families
Coping Skills


Eating Disorders
Families of Choice
Gambling Addiction
Grief and Loss
Life Transitions
Online Addictions

Peer Relationships
Pet Support
Relationships Issues
Self Esteem
Sexual Abuse
Women's Issues

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