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The law protects the confidentiality of communication between a client and a marriage and family therapist. However, exceptions to confidentiality do apply in the following situations:


1. Suspected child, elder or dependent adult abuse. This would require a mandated report to appropriate agencies. 

2. Threat of bodily harm to another person/s. This would involve notifying the intended party/s and the appropriate authorities. 

3.  A subpoena request issued by a judge. This would lead to providing requested records to the court. 


In addition, if you have intend to harm yourself, I will make an effort to enlist your cooperation via lease restrictive measures prior to taking more restrictive measures to insure your safety. 




Therapy is a process that allows one to explore the self and one's interpersonal relationships. 

The client-therapist relationship is unique in that it allows one to explore issues and concerns in a safe environment.  In the process of therapy, there can sometimes be unpleasant feelings and there is no guarantee of specific results from the process. 


It can take several sessions to determine a good fit between client and therapist. If at anytime either the client or therapist feel the therapeutic relationship is not a good fit, several referrals will be provided to other professionals that may be a better fit. 




Initial Assessment for Individuals 120

Regular Rate for Individuals 100

Initial Assessment for Couples and Families 140

Regular Rate for Couples and Families 120

Sliding Scale Based on Need and Availability

PPO Health Insurance Statement Provided




Therapy sessions are 50 minutes and is typically once per week or once every two weeks depending on your needs. Regular visits provide the initial framework for the therapeutic process to move forward. Cancellations or missed appointments that cannot be re-scheduled in the same week will be billed at the full rate. You will be provided a free pass once per quarter, in the case of an emergency or when you cannot re-schedule within the same week. 


Social Media


To protect the client and therapist confidentiality and to maintain the therapeutic boundary, friend requests will not be accepted on social media platforms.You may be able to view content on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Twitter. However, you will not be prevented nor solicited from following or liking posts at these sites. 

I am making progress in areas of my life that I wrote off years ago. The best part has been the positive feedback from my parents. They are proud of me and of how far I’ve come. I am grateful they have stuck by me and supported me on my journey.”

I was spending my days too tired or depressed to do much and would often sleep for several hours in the afternoon; something that had been far too common since my teens.."

Everybody who knows me is asking what did to change my outlook. I am continuing to improve daily. I just can’t wait to get going in the morning."

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