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w o r k s h o p s

"A truly unique journey"

Expressive arts therapy includes a multi-modal approach of arts merged with therapeutic techniques. All workshops will involve various art forms; including but not limited to the visual arts, dance,movement, music, drama,theatre, writing, and poetry. All workshops are expressive in nature and are meant to assist people at different stages in their life towards self growth. One does not need any a specific level or skill in the arts to participate. Expressive arts is open to everyone to explore!



  • Attain a better understanding of yourself, your goals and values.


  • Learn new ways to cope with anxiety and stress.


  • Build self esteem and boost self-confidence.



  • Develop communication and listening skills.


  • Find resolution to repeated problems.


  • Manage anger and depression and other emotional pressures.



  • Change old behavioral patterns and develop new habits.


  • Discover new problem solving skills.


  • Strengthen your relationships.



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